Why are you here?

I love that question. It brings to mind ownership, intentionality, a sense of living in the moment, while also inciting broader connection to the past and future.

Why are you here?

I’m here because 7 months after my second son was born, the scale still showed a significantly higher number than I considered my “real weight.”

I’m here because I’ve found it challenging to balance my work, my family, and my own health and wellbeing.

I’m here because I find fulfillment in writing out my thoughts, and especially if they might provide some insight, direction, humor to others.

I’m here because, to be honest, I’m building a side hustle that builds my bank account while allowing me to spend time on the things and people I value.

And I’m here to build community with others who find themselves in a similar position – working moms with a desire to get in shape through running.

Why are you here?

I wouldn’t be here without the support of my husband, who is an avid runner himself. We don’t necessarily run together (he goes to fast – I go too slow), but he provides the structure and inspiration to get moving! And I wouldn’t be here without my neighbor, who had a baby shortly after my second son was born, and who mentioned casually one day that she planned to run a half marathon in September. “Why don’t we try it together,” she asked. And my gears began to turn. And finally, I wouldn’t be here without the inspiration of the side hustle, FIRE gurus of our time:

So, why are you here?

We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world. — Woodrow Wilson

Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash
You Belong Here
Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash